Cinema.My lesson



  • to revise the learnt  vocabulary and grammar structures  related to the topic ;
  • to practise students’  speaking and listening skills;
  • to widen students’ knowledge about different kinds of films;
  • to develop students’  mental functions related to the speech activity: logical thanking, attention,  memory;
  • to teach  tolerance  to other people's opinion.


Computer,  students’ presentations, student’s books, blackboard.


  1. Warming -  up

Teacher: Good morning, dear children and guests. Nice to see you.

 My dear children! Today we have a special lesson. As you can see there are a lot of guests at our lesson. Please turn around and great them. Turn around again and take your seats.

  As you know today we are going to have a summary lesson devoted to the cinema. To begin with I’d like to ask you some questions.

  1. Speaking drill.

v  How often do you go to the cinema?

v  Why do people go to the cinema?

(To have a good time; to meet their friends; to watch a new film (movie) on a wide screen; to enjoy a new film)

v  Where can you buy tickets?

v  How can you  pay for them?

v  What films do (don’t) you like? I’d like you to face each other and ask your neighbor about his or her favorite types of films.  Please look at the blackboard where we can see the phrases which you should use in your speaking.      Your time is limited. Let’s start. So time’s up.

 (The phrases are on the board)

v  So as you can see each of you has his or her favorite film. That’s why our tasks for today’s lesson are the following: ( on the screen)

  • To revise the learnt vocabulary and grammar structures related to the topic.
  • To practise our speaking and listening skills.
  • To widen our knowledge about different types of films.
  • To develop our logical thinking, attention and memory.
  • To teach tolerance to other people’s opinions.

   You all were given individual tasks to prepare reports and presentations about your favorite film following the plan.

3. Phonetic drill.

v  But before our work I’d like you to revise how to pronounce correctly some words which will be necessary for us in our farther work and were rather problematic for us at the beginning. ( on the screen)

Director                             Sound track               

Special effects                   To release

Science fiction film                          

War film






v     Let’s revise what we have learnt in on out topic  “CINEMA”. ( on the board)




  • We have already spoken about different types of films and their description.
  • We know how to buy tickets to the cinema. Where can you buy tickets to the train?
  • What do we know about The Oscar? What is it?
  • To speak about different films and discuss them we should know how to compare them. That’s why our next step is to revise how to form the degrees of comparison of adjectives. Open your exercise-books and write down today’s day and date. Look at the screen. Your task is to copy this text and open the brackets using the adjectives in the correct form. (on the screen and on the sheets of paper)

  Tom Hanks is one of (famous) and (good-looking) actors in Hollywood. He’s won the Oscar for the Best Actor twice. He can play serious roles as well as appearing in more entertaining and (funny)   films such as “You’ve Got Mail”, one of (big) comedies.   Tom Hanks isn’t (successful) actor in Hollywood, but most critics agree that he is one of (interesting) actors.

  • Our next step is to practice our dialogue speaking using  “(not) as…as, too, enough” (on the screen and on the sheets of paper) Your task is to answer the questions  using  “(not) as…as, too, enough”
  1. Why don’t you go to the cinema with us?

I’m  _______________. (Busy)

  1. Do you like the new Jim Carry comedy?
  2. Is it a boring film?
  3. Are you going to see the new Tarantino film?
  4. Have you got The Lord of the Rings trilogy DVD box set?
  5. Do you like war films?

v  We have revised the most important for us grammar structures.  We have worked hard. It’s high time to have a rest. Stand up. Watch, listen and dance.

v  So it’s high time to listen to your reports. By the way you should be very attentive while listening to your classmates reports because your next task will be to demonstrate your listening skills

 Students’ reports.

LISTENING TEST (on the sheets of paper)

Be attentive. There is a small trap in these task.

  1. Which film does Angelina Jolie star?
    1. “Tourist”
    2. “National Treasure”
    3. “Pacific  Rim”
  2. Which film do people  fight with machines?
    1. “The Knight and Day”
    2. “Age of Ultron”
    3. “Charley  and the Chocolate Factory”
  3. Which film is about a boy why is in fairyland and learn magic?
    1. “Charley  and the Chocolate Factory”
    2. “Pacific  Rim”
    3. “Harry Potter and the Philosophy Stone”
  4. Which film was made in different parts of the world?

     a) “Pacific Rim”

  1. “National Treasure”
  2. “ Hunger Games”
  3. Which film does Tom Cruise star?
    1. “Tourist”
    2. “The Knight and Day”
    3. “Age of Ultron”
  4. In which film is the main character a professional thief?
    1. “Tourist”
    2. “The Knight and Day”
  5. Which film is a box office success ?
    1. “Age of Ultron”
    2. “Hunger Games”
    3. “National Treasure”
  6. Which film does the main character live without  his/ her parents?
    1. “Harry Potter and the Philosophy Stone”
    2. “ Hunger Games”
  7. In which film is the main character  a professional spy?
    1. “Hunger Games”
    2. “The Knight and Day”
    3. “Age of Ultron”
  8.  Which film  won the Oscar?
    1. “The Knight and Day”
    2. “Age of Ultron”
    3. “National Treasure”


Let’s check up your answers.


   As you can see almost all of your reports were about American and British films. In this case I’d like to remind you some words said by our national poet Taras Shevchenko “ І чужому навчайтесь та свого не цурайтесь». That’s why you home task will be the following “WB. Ex.1-2,p. 37. (On the board). This text is about our famous actor Bohdan Stupka.

Let’s give a summary to our today’s work. Let’s find out who is the winner of our lesson. Who is the best student today?


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